Linda Bump Harrison and Lori Lyons, both of New Riders Publishing/Peachpit Press, provided a great deal of needed support and encouragement throughout this entire project, and deserve special mention for the patience and tolerance they displayed whenever life ran roughshod over my deadlines. Which was often.

Major thanks are due to my technical reviewers, Dave Shea and Porter Glendinning, for their input regarding points to highlight, passages to clarify, and mistakes to fix. Extra thanks to Dave for the stunning visual design he contributed to Project 10.

I'd particularly like to thank Douglas Bowman for agreeing to write the Foreword. I've admired Doug's work ever since he redesigned Wired News in 2002; he has time and again combined technical savvy with great visual design to produce truly wonderful results. It's an honor to have him introduce the book.

My thanks to the thousands of members of css-discuss, the mailing list I chaperone, for making it one of the best resources I know, and for keeping the signal level so high. Thanks also to and John Handelaar, for giving the list a home and keeping it running smoothly, and to John Alsopp of Western Civilisation for helping me launch the list in the first place.

As always, I'd like to express my deep gratitude to everyone who has contacted me over the years with praise, complaints, comments, suggestions, questions, and ideas regarding CSS, browsers, and my writing. I'm sorry that I couldn't respond to everyone, but I did read what you had to say. Thank you, one and all.

Finally, to my wife, Kathryn you are the most amazing companion a man could ever hope to have. Without your support, strength, and abiding faith, I would likely never have done so much nor come so far, and I'll never be able to thank you enough for all you've done and meant to me.

Eric A. Meyer
February 2004

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