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Working Smart in ADOBE® Photoshop® CS2
By Conrad Chavez
Publisher: Adobe Press
Pub Date: September 01, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-33539-2
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-33539-5
Pages: 304

Table of Contents  | Index

       How This Book Is Organized
       Tips for Reading This Book
       Special Thanks
        Chapter one.  Optimizing Your Computer for Photoshop
      The Processor
      Advanced RAM Tweaks
      Using More than 2GB of RAM
      Hard Disks
      Monitors and Video Cards
      Other Ways to Optimize Your Computer
      Activation: Using Photoshop on Multiple Computers
      From Beginner to Expert
        Chapter two.  Optimizing Your Workspace
      Arranging Palettes
      Saving Your Palette Arrangements
      Optimizing for Small Monitors
      Optimizing for Multiple Monitors
      Editing Keyboard Shortcuts
      Editing Menus
      Saving Your Workspaces
      Arranging Document Windows
        Chapter three.  Optimizing Yourself
      Getting Around Efficiently
      Get the Most from Keyboard Shortcuts
      Shortcuts for Entering Numbers and Text
      Using Context Menus
      It's All in Your Mind
        Chapter four.  Getting Ahead with Presets and Saved Settings
      Creating and Using Your Own Tool Presets
      Kinds of Presets
      Viewing All Tool Presets at Once
      Viewing and Managing All Presets at Once
      Using Adobe PDF Presets
      Loading and Saving Settings
        Chapter five.  Creating How-To Tutorials and Tips
      What's the Idea Behind How-To Topics?
      Using a How-To Topic
      Making Your Own How-To Topic
      Distributing How-To Topics
        Chapter six.  Working with Adobe Bridge
      How Can Adobe Bridge Help?
      Making Bridge Equal to Your Tasks
      Annotating Files in Bulk
      Batch Processing and Automating with Bridge
      Walking Through a Batch Process
        Chapter seven.  Opening the Right Files Quickly
      Finding Files Fast
      Saving Searches as Collections
      Tuning Your Selections
      Opening Multiple Files
        Chapter eight.  Positioning Precisely
      Tweaking Units of Measure
      The Grid and Guides
      Aligning and Distributing Layers
      Positioning Example: a Web Page
        Chapter nine.  Smarter Selections
      Marquee and Lasso Tools
      Selecting Based on Tone or Color
      Selecting by Drawing a Path
      Combining Selections
        Chapter ten.  Working Efficiently with Layers
      Creating Bitmap Layers
      Selecting Layers
      Adjustment Layers
      Layer Groups
      Shape Layers
      Smart Objects
      Layer Comps
        Chapter eleven.  Correcting Many Images Quickly
      Transferring Adjustment Layers
      Transferring Camera Raw Adjustments
        Chapter twelve.  Accelerating Appearances with Layer Styles
      When to Use Layer Styles
      Adding a Layer Style to a Layer
      Using the Layer Style Dialog Box
      Applying a Layer Style to Other Layers
      Scaling a Layer Style
        Chapter thirteen.  Adding Transparency to Layers and Documents
      Seeing Transparency
      Choosing the Right Transparency Method
      Setting Opacity
      Making Masks
      Using Blending Modes for Transparency Effects
      Making Transparent Backgrounds for Other Programs
        Chapter fourteen.  Rewriting History
      Undoing and Redoing
      Using the History Palette Productively
      Keeping a History Log
        Chapter fifteen.  Saving Documents Productively
      Saving a Master Document for Flexibility
      Saving for Specific Media
      Using the Save as a Copy Feature
      Playing Nice with Other Programs
        Chapter sixteen.  Printing Right the First Time
      Previewing Print Size
      Previewing Print Colors by Soft-Proofing
        Chapter seventeen.  Saving Time with Actions
      Loading Actions
      Running Actions
      Planning an Action
      Creating Actions
      Editing Actions
      Enhancing Your Actions
      Links About Actions
        Chapter eighteen.  Batch Processing and Droplets
      Using the Image Processor
      Using the Batch Dialog Box
      Batch Processing Examples
      Using Droplets for Instant Batch Processing
        Chapter nineteen.  Automating with Scripts
      Scripting Languages You Can Use
      Running Scripts
      How Scripting Works
      Scripting Resources
      Example: Creating and Installing a Simple Script
        Chapter twenty.  Generating Data-Driven Graphics
      Creating the Template
      Defining Variables for Layers
      Creating a Data Set
      Generating the Final Documents
        Chapter twenty-one.  Using Photoshop with the Adobe Creative Suite
      Adobe InDesign
      Adobe Illustrator
      Adobe Acrobat and PDF
      Adobe GoLive
      Adobe Bridge
        Chapter twenty-two.  Jumping Directly to Other Programs
      Jumping Between Photoshop and ImageReady
      Jumping to Other Graphics Programs

Working Smart in Adobe Photoshop CS2
Working Smart in Adobe Photoshop CS2
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