Architect s Note

Architect's Note

  • SOAP 1.1 is the most widely adopted version of the SOAP specification. However, SOAP 1.2 has now reached W3C recommendation status and thus SOAP 1.1 is now considered deprecated.

  • SOAP RPC is quick and easy, but may lead to applications with too tight a level of coupling. Exchanging larger documents is preferable, even if it means writing handler code to deal with them.

  • XML-Native applications should not use SOAP-RPC; they should use the XML vocabularies that they have already developed, and use those vocabularies as the basis of their communication via document-oriented SOAP.

  • Be prepared for a shift in the Web services architecture, and ensure your services can support "Web-friendly" access where appropriate.

  • Do not deploy a Web service without its WSDL description a service is naked without it.

  • Use tool support it is wasted effort to do for yourself what a tool can do more easily, more quickly, and more accurately.

Developing Enterprise Web Services. An Architect's Guide
Developing Enterprise Web Services: An Architects Guide: An Architects Guide
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