Utilizing the Content Discussion Feature


Before placing an item in the publishing queue, the owner might decide to enable content discussion. When the item is approved by the administrator, content discussion is enabled and an Add Comment button appears on the item page. The ability to discuss content is available to all members of the Plone site. Selecting this button takes you to the Add Comment form, which contains the following fields:

  • Subject ” The subject line of your comment

  • Body Text ” The actual bulk of your comment

No other fields are present, but your identification and a time stamp are added to the omment. Figure 3.19 shows an item with a comment added.

Figure 3.19. Content discussion in action.

After a comment has been added, a new button appears: Reply to This. A member now has two options for continuing discussion on an item: add a new comment or reply to a comment. Adding a new comment places a new comment at the same hierarchical level as the first comment. Replying to an existing comment places the reply one level lower in the hierarchy, as is commonly seen in threaded discussion.

The text of comments is automatically indexed and is used when a general search is performed. Any keywords or matching search terms that appear in a comment, no matter what hierarchical level in the threaded discussion, result in a search results match.

Speaking of search results, that leads to the last general topic covered in this "getting started" type of chapter: searching content.

Plone Content Management Essentials
Plone Content Management Essentials
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