In a chapter filled with installation procedures, you would think that the troubleshooting section might be unwieldy. That's not the case here because the installation wizards are well built and usually run without fail. Issues arise for less spectacular reasons than installation software failure:

  • Installing as the wrong user ” Installation should occur as the administrator or root user, depending on which your operating system uses. Windows and Mac OS X users will be familiar with the administrator account, while Linux/Unix users will know this account as root. If you do not have the appropriate permissions for reading, writing, and creating directories and files during the installation process, the installation will fail. Using the top-level user on your respective operating system, at least during installation time, alleviates that issue.

  • Build issues ” These can vary greatly, from issues with your compiler to library mismatches . If you are familiar with building from source or installing from RPM or apt-get, you are probably familiar with these types of errors and how they are presented. Typically, the build or install process is halted midstream, and an error string is printed that will help you deduce which libraries might be missing or other issues that might have arisen. If your issues have to do with missing libraries, simply track them down from your operating system's installation CDs or FTP site, and install; when they are installed, try again. Depending on how antiquated your operating system libraries are, the process of updating your system could take longer than installing Zope and Plone.

If you have installation issues of any sort that do not fall into these general categories of pilot error, consult the documentation for the product in question. For Plone-specific issues, which would be the case with Windows or Mac OS X installers , or the specific Plone binary or source distributions for Linux/Unix platforms, visit the Plone site at Zope-related issues, which would be the case for those having to install Zope and the CMF separately, are addressed at Similarly, Python- related issues can be solved by reading the documentation at

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