Using Available Blogger Resources

The good folks at Google maintain several resources for help with the Blogger application. When you visit the Blogger website ( you will see recent news posted on the main page. This area often calls attention to new features that have been added or scheduled downtime that might occur for maintenance. As you begin your foray into the Blogosphere, the following are some links you may want to bookmark regarding Blogger and resources for help:

  • Blogger Help, found at, is the official Blogger documentation and list of Blogger How-To documents. You can also contact Blogger Support via links found here.

  • Blogger Knowledge, found at, contains articles written by Blogger developers that will help you get the most out of your blog.

  • Blogger Buzz, found at, is a group blog maintained by Blogger developers that posts items of interest which are generally Blogger-related.

  • Blogger Status, found at, contains notifications of scheduled Blogger downtime, explanations for unscheduled outages, information about upgrades, and so on. If Blogger is acting wonky for you, this should be the first place you check to rule out any upgrades in progress.

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