Setting Up Pay Rates to Apply at Different Times

Resources can have both standard and overtime pay rates. By default, Project uses these rates for the duration of the project. However, you can change a resource’s pay rates to be effective as of the date you choose. For example, you could initially set up a resource on January 1 with a standard rate of $10 per hour, planning to raise the resource’s standard rate to $13 per hour on July 1.

Project uses these pay rates when calculating resource costs, based on when the resource’s work is scheduled. You can assign up to 25 pay rates to be applied at different times to each of a resource’s five cost rate tables.

In this exercise, you enter different pay rates for a resource to be applied at a later date.

  1. In the Resource Name column, select the name of resource 11, Doug Hampton.

  2. On the Standard toolbar, click the Resource Information button.

    The Resource Information dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Costs tab.

    You’ll enter a pay rate increase in cost rate table A.

  4. In the Effective Date cell in the second row of cost rate table A, type or select 7/1/05.

  5. In the Standard Rate cell in the second row, type 20%, and then press the [Enter] key:

    click to expand

    Note that Project calculates the 20 percent increase to produce a rate of $15.60 per hour. The previous rate of $13 per hour plus 20 percent equals $15.60 per hour. You can enter a specific value or a percentage increase or decrease from the previous rate. Calculating a new pay rate based on a percentage of the previous pay rate is a one-time calculation. Should you later change Doug’s initial standard pay rate (currently $13.00/hour), his next pay rate would not be affected.


    In addition to or instead of standard and overtime pay rates that can change over time, a resource can also have a cost per use that can change over time.

  6. Click OK to close the Resource Information dialog box.

    Note that Doug Hampton’s initial rate, $13.00/hr, appears in his Std. Rate field. This field will display $13 per hour until the current date changes to 7/1/05 or later. Then it will display his new standard rate of $15.60 per hour.

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