recurring task

A task that repeats at established intervals. You can create a recurring task that repeats for a fixed number of times or that ends by a specific date.


The type of dependency between two tasks, visually indicated by a link line. The types of relationships include finish-to-start, start-to-start, finish-to- finish, and start-to-finish. Also known as a link, a logical relationship, a task dependency, or a precedence relationship.


A format designed for printing. Project includes several predefined reports, each focusing on specific aspects of your project data. You can also define your own reports.

resource calendar

The working and nonworking days and times of an individual work resource.

resource leveling

A method of resolving resource overallocation by delaying the start date of an assignment or an entire task or splitting up the work on a task. Project can level resources automatically or you can do it manually.

resource manager

A person who oversees resource usage in project activities specifically to manage the time and costs of resources. A resource manager might also have project management skills and responsibilities, depending on the organization’s structure.

resource pool

A Project plan that other projects use for their resource information. Resource pools contain information about resources’ task assignments from all project plans (called sharer plans) linked to the resource pool.


People, equipment, and material (and the associated costs of each) needed to complete the work on a project.


An event that decreases the likelihood of completing the project on time, within budget, and to specification (or, less likely, an opportunity to improve project performance).

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