Chapter 10: Custom Effects


This last chapter on filters covers two often-overlooked but important entries ” Custom and Displace ” that enable you to create your own, custom-tailored special effects. Both require some mathematical reasoning skills, and even then, you'll probably have occasional difficulty predicting the outcomes . If math isn't your strong suit, or worse , if you simply hate dealing with any mathematical stuff, by all means don't put yourself through the torture. Although there are some cool results to be had by using these filters, your life will remain rich and worth living, even without them. If you'd like to read about some of the more math-free custom effects, skip all the mathematical background in this chapter and read the sections on applying custom values and using displacement maps, for some specific, visually exciting effects. You could also just be brave and read on, knowing that the results of these two filters are well-worth having to "do the math."

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