A Call to Action

Trust involves a dynamic give-and-take that is most evident at eye level: between a company and its customers, and within the company itself. It's at this level that we can understand trust as an actionable concept, one that is within our power. Eye-level trust is an asset that requires constant attention and vigilance—it requires that agreements be defined and kept, and accountability be understood and embraced. Because it demands this kind of participation from all those involved, eye-level trust truly enriches and solidifies relationships. And it's this kind of trust that the Accountable Organization seeks to achieve.


  1. Consider the level of trust in your own workplace.

    • Are senior managers trusted by others in the company? Do senior managers trust the "rank-and-file" employees? How would you characterize trust within your immediate work group and among different departments? What evidence do you have to support your position?

    • What do you consider to be barriers to building trust in the workplace? Why do these barriers exist?

    • What steps can you personally take to increase trust in your company?

  2. Now consider the trust you have with customers.

    • Do you believe that your customers trust you? Do your customers trust your company more than your closest competitors? What evidence do you have to support your position?

    • Assume that trust is easily quantified. If you were to double the level of customer trust in your company, what impact would that have on sales?

    • Consider ideas that would double customer trust. Conversely, consider whether any of your company's current practices should be eliminated in order to enhance trust. What would it cost to implement such ideas? What price are you paying for not implementing these ideas?

The Accountable Organization. Reclaiming Integrity, Restoring Trust
The Accountable Organization: Reclaiming Integrity, Restoring Trust
ISBN: 0891061851
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 82
Authors: John Marchica
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