Appendix D: Importing and Exporting EtherPeek Filters

EtherPeek handles importing and exporting in a different manner. There's actually an import button and export button. Isn’t that great? It would be great if we could import/export a single filter someday though...

To export your filter set, click on the Export Filter button from the Filter window.

Follow these steps to import my sample filter set from

Step 1:

If you bought the hardcopy of this book, go out to and download my Ether- Peek sample filter set from the References section. The file is called LAURA[date].FLT where [date] indicates the date that I created the file. As I update this file, the [date] section may change.

If you downloaded the softcopy of this file, you probably already noticed that my FLT file was included in the zipped up file.

Step 2:

From the Filter window, click the Import Filter button.

Step 3:

Select the LAURA[date].FLT file.

As mentioned before, EtherPeek requires that you import an entire filter set - the imported filters are added to the existing filter list. The newer versions of EtherPeek check for duplicates before importing filters.

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