I wouldn't have been able to write this book without the incredible contributions from the following individuals:

  • Bill Moss truly gathers no moss. Bill is an incredible friend and associate, a tireless individual without whose writing ability this book would never have been written. I wrote the entire book with Bill. Bill was able to take my words and thoughts and cohesively pull them together in organized, well thought out, grammatically correct sentencessomething that I never realized was so hard to do. (Is that active or passive or a fragment?) He took notes I wrote at Starbucks, scribbled on the train, or jotted down in taxis and made sense out of them, transcribing them into the appropriate sections with my additional verbal explanations. During the endless meetings in which I tended to ramble on, Bill kept me focused on the topic at hand. He skillfully sifted, coordinated, rewrote and reedited, understood, translated, educated, and communicated. Oops, I almost forgot, we did drink an awful lot of coffee together. That was the key!

  • Kathy Stromsland, Associate Editor, is my guardian angel. Kathy has been more than an Associate Editor and a great friend. You'll notice when you read this book the extent to which I stress the importance of organization. That's because I strive to be organized, but always fall short. She has kept me organized, well fed, focused, and has gently guided me through the arduous process of putting this book together. Kathy managed to always be there for me. In addition, she reviewed countless images, maintaining the same artistic vision as I have for the book. Without her valiant efforts, the typing, captioning, and identification of all the photos would have been impossible. Nights, weekends, anytime and all the time, Kathy was helping me make this dream come true.

  • Joan O'Brien, Studio Manager, is the best. I'm convinced of that. The more I give her to do, the more she does without a complaint and with apparent ease. Joan has been my eagle eyes since 1991 and is truly the voice of reason in the studio. Her contribution to my successful career has been invaluable and I cherish all that she has done for me. She is truly wonderful. Thank you Joan for everything you do.

  • Loredana Sangiuliano, Designer, gave my words and pictures life with her layout design. Her patience, understanding, creative eye, and flexibility were beyond belief. She worked weekends and nights, tirelessly coming up with artistic ways to convey my thoughts in a visual formatand that's not easy to do. The success of this book is due to her inspired design.

  • Maria Ferrari's knowledge is invaluable. I have learned so many new things about Photoshop from her. She provided countless tips, technical information, and notes from the classes she gives about Photoshop. Without her guidance, I would not have been able to complete Chapter 8, "The Digital Spice: Retouching."

  • Morgan Poor, Reid Nicholls, Ben Swanger, Brian Watterson, and Dave Evans are my wonderful and hard-working interns. They spent countless hours retouching photos, shooting behind the scenes, creating illustrations, and most importantly, keeping me well fed. They have kept me young and I've enjoyed their company, creativity, and zest for life and thirst for photographic knowledge.

  • Helene DeLillo was so helpful in feeding me the bits and bytes that are in the technical chapters. She is an excellent communicator and such a wealth of information. Additionally, I was able to shoot all the photos about equipment in her studio on her vibrant red rug.

  • When it comes to business, I defer to the pros, and Maria Janedis is just that. After years at top positions in the banking industry, she contributed her knowledge to Chapter 9, "Get Cooking and Make Some Money: Getting into the Business." Also, some of the valuable information in Chapter 9 is thanks to my associates Eugene Mopsik and Peter Dyson at ASMP. I am proud to have been a member of this wonderful organization for my entire professional career.

  • Rick Kerr helped me wade through the murky waters of commercial printing. He provided me with so much information that I realized we could write a whole book about it.

  • Jeremy Miller collaborated with Kathy Stromsland on Chapter 3, "Who's Digesting It: Advertising, Packaging, Public Relations, and the Media" by answering countless questions about the public-relations and advertising industries.

  • All of his years of wisdom and talent were apparent in Al Francekevich's review of every chapter. I felt confident that he would catch any small imperfections and add his own views.

  • Without Megan Belanger, Acquisitions Editor at Thomson Publishing, this book would not be a reality. She found me on the Internet, sent me an e-mail in November of 2004 asking if I was interested in writing this book, and the roller coaster ride began. Throughout the seven-month course of this endeavor, with over 500 e-mails, innumerable phone calls, patience, and wisdom, she guided me through this long and grueling process. It is Megan who has kept this project going and has seen it come to its fruition.

  • Kate Shoup Welsh, Development Editor and Copy Editor, has done something remarkable. She has taken the copy that Bill and I wrote and helped form it into a cohesive book. Without her, what you are reading simply wouldn't be as wonderful as it turned out.

  • As the deadline for this book approached rapidly, Book Designer Shawn Morningstar and I spent countless hours working out the details and fine-tuning the page designs until we came up with something we both liked. She was able to take Loredana's vision along with mine and combine them into the beautifully produced book that you see before you.

  • Thank you to everyone at Thomson Publishing for helping to make my first book a success. I would like to send a special thanks to everyone listed in the credits.

Continued gratitude goes to the following:

  • A heartfelt thanks to all of the stylists involved with this project, especially Diane Vezza, Brian Preston-Campbell, Matt Tuttle, Betty Barquin, Lynn Gagne, and Francesca Abbracciamento. They are all truly gifted individuals and it is always a pleasure to work with them.

  • Thanks to all the chefs who created beautiful, delicious dishes, especially Momo Attaoui (whose gorgeous work appears on the cover), Jay Weinstein, Tina Marie Casaceli, Neil Murphy, Richard Leach, Wayne Harley Brachman, Robert Ubhaus, Ian Topper-Kapitan, and Marco Runanin.

  • Thank you to my clientsespecially Prita Wadhwani, Barbara Knudtson, Kimberly Humann, Diane Muhlfeld, and Mike Surabianfor their valuable advice and recommendations.

  • I would like to send a special thanks to Gino Colangelo and Anya Grottel-Brown, who were instrumental in my becoming an Olympus Visionary Photographer.

  • I am so grateful to my associates at Olympusespecially John Knaur, Rich Pelkowski, and Lou Desideriofor their support and for having such a great product.

  • A debt of gratitude goes out to my faithful friends at Adorama Camera, where I bought my first 1-megapixel professional SLR digital camera for a mere $15,000 about 10 years ago! They always give me the best prices and advice on current equipment. Special thanks to Peter Lipschutz and Julio Figueroa.

A final thanks to anyone that I may have missed in these acknowledgements. Your omission was purely unintentional!

Digital Food Photography
Digital Food Photography
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