Chapter 2. The History and Evolution of RFID

RFID Technology and the Radio 24

The Early Days of RFID 25

From Detection to Unique Identification 26

RFID Flourishes Across the Globe 29

Texas Instruments Leads Pioneering Efforts in the U.S. 29

Europe Gets an Early Start 29

Passive Tags Grow Up in the 90s 30

Summary 32

Five Questions This Chapter Will Answer

  • When and why was RFID invented?

  • What major milestones have been achieved in the development of RFID applications?

  • Who are some of the earliest RFID market makers?

  • When did the application of RFID in supply chain become reality?

  • Why was EPCglobal established?

A review of the evolution of RFID technology and its components will help you visualize and better realize the full potential of the applications of RFID technology today and in the near future. This chapter will provide the following:

  • A historical account of RFID's evolution and the major milestones to date

  • A sneak peek at the benefits RFID's eventual ubiquity will bring to consumers and businesses alike

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