Section E.1. add

E.1. add

The add command contains many subcommands that allow you to add functionality to your Asterisk PBX without directly editing the configuration files.

When you add a new line to the dialplan your changes immediately become active, but changes made to the dialplan from the command line are not permanent until you save them (see save dialplan ). All comments are stripped from the extensions.conf file upon a save dialplan . The add commands are useful for making temporary changes and for ad hoc testing, but we recommend that permanent changes to the dialplan be made directly to extensions.conf in /etc/asterisk/ .

add extension

 add extension   exten   ,   priority   ,   app   ,   app_data   into   context   [replace] 

Adds a new extension into the specified context. If an extension with the same priority exists, and the optional replace argument is given, replaces the existing extension.

 add extension 500,1,Dial,IAX2/ into local 

add ignorepat

 add ignorepat   pattern   into   context   

Adds a new ignore pattern into the specified context.

 add ignorepat 9 into local 

add queue member

 add queue member   channel   to   queue   [penalty   penalty   ] 

Allows you to add a channel to a specified queue, optionally specifying a penalty with the penalty option.

 add queue member SIP/1000-d448 to customer_service penalty 10 

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