ParkAndAnnounce( )

ParkAndAnnounce( ) Parks the current call and announces the call over the specified channel

 ParkAndAnnounce(   template   ,   timeout   ,   channel   [,   return   _   context   ]) 

Parks the current call in the parking lot and announces the call over the specified channel . The template is a colon -separated list of files to announce; the word PARKED is replaced with the parking space number of the call. The timeout argument is the time in seconds before the call returns to the return_context . The channel argument is the channel to call to make the announcement. Console/dsp calls the console. The return_context argument is a GoTo( ) -style label to jump the call back into after timeout, which defaults to n +1 (where n is the current priority) in the return_context context.

 include => parkedcalls     exten => 123,1,Answer(  )  exten => 123,2,ParkAndAnnounce(vm-youhave:a:pbx-transfer:at:     vm-extension:PARKED,120,     Console/dsp)  exten => 123,3,Playback(vm-nobodyavail)     exten => 123,4,Playback(vm-goodbye)     exten => 123,5,Hangup(  ) 

See Also

Park( ) , ParkedCall( )

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