Festival( )

Festival( ) Uses the Festival text-to-speech engine to read text to the caller

 Festival(   text   [,   intkeys   ]) 

Connects to the locally running Festival server, sends it the text specified by text , and plays the resulting sound file back to the user . This application allows the caller to press a key (specified by intkeys ) to immediately stop the playback and return the value of intkeys . If intkeys is set to any , Festival( ) will send control of the channel to the extension entered by the user.

See Chapter 10 for more in-depth information on using Festival with Asterisk.

You must start the Festival server before starting Asterisk, and you must use the Answer( ) application to answer the channel before calling Festival( ) .

For more information on using Festival from within Asterisk, see the README.festival file located in the contrib / subdirectory of the Asterisk source.

 exten => 123,1,Answer(  )  exten => 123,2,Festival('This is sample speech from Festival',#)  

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Asterisk: The Future of Telephony: The Future of Telephony
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