Chapter 5. Using a Basic DataGrid

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  • The ASP.NET DataGrid

  • Data Binding

  • Binding to Arrays

  • Binding to Collections

  • Binding to Properties

  • Binding to XML Files

  • Summary

In Chapter 3, "ADO.NET Managed Providers," you learned how the Managed Providers are the bridge from a .NET application, such as an ASP.NET Web Form, to a data store, such as Microsoft SQL Server. You used the DataGrid server control to display the output. This chapter will drill down into the DataGrid server control to show you what it can do. You'll begin using the Managed Providers to retrieve data from a database, and you'll be displaying the data with the ASP.NET DataGrid control.

In this chapter, you'll learn the following:

  • The basics of the DataGrid control

  • What data binding is in ASP.NET

  • Binding server controls to a DataTable in a DataSet

  • Binding server controls to Arrays

  • Binding server controls to Collections

  • Binding server controls to Properties

  • Binding server controls to XML files

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Programming Data-Driven Web Applications with ASP.NET
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