Int32KeyFrameHierarchy: DependencyObject Freezable

Int32KeyFrame is the base class for three types of integer key frames: discrete, linear, and spline. Each of the three subclasses of Int32KeyFrame represents a key frame with a distinct interpolation technique, indicated by its name:

     <LinearInt32KeyFrame             KeyTime="0:0:10|Uniform|Paced|30%"             Value="1" />         <DiscreteInt32KeyFrame             KeyTime="0:0:10|Uniform|Paced|30%"             Value="1" />         <SplineInt32KeyFrame             KeyTime="0:0:10|Uniform|Paced|30%"             Value="1"              <SplineInt32KeyFrame.KeySpline>                 <KeySpline ControlPoint1="5,5" ControlPoint2="10,10" />             </SplineInt32KeyFrame.KeySpline>         </SplineInt32KeyFrame> 

All three Int32KeyFrame subclasses determine when (KeyTime) the frame will reach the designated value (Value). KeyTime is specified in terms of hours:minutes:seconds. The Value attribute of all Int32KeyFrame subclasses is an Integer.


Skips from one value to the desired value without interpolation. Thus, the Value will not be reached until KeyTime (relative to the beginning of the animation).


Utilizes linear interpolation to reach the desired value. Linear interpolation progresses the animation at a steady rate for its duration.


Uses a concept similar to Bezier curves to interpolate values until Value has been reached. This subclass requires an additional attribute, KeySpline, which is used to interpolate the value in much the same way as control points are used to interpolate a line when declaring a Bezier curve.


KeySpline (required) (SplineInt32KeyFrame only)

This KeySpline describes how the key frame will be altered during animation.

KeyTime (required)

This attribute specifies when, relative to the animation, this key frame takes place:

  • A time period specified in hours:minutes:seconds.

  • Uniform: The Duration will be split evenly among all key frames.

  • Paced: The Duration will be split among key frames in a way that ensures the speed of the animation remains relatively constant.

  • A percentage of the total duration.

Value (required)

This Integer describes the destination value of the key frame.

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