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These Web sites and URLs avaiable to IBMers are also relevant as further information sources:

  • "Administration Made Easier—Scheduling and Automation in DB2 Universal Database"

  • "Autonomic computing—Creating self-managing computing systems"

  • "Autonomic computing—The value of self managing systems"

  • Autonomic Computing Overview and Resources (Tivoli Developer Domain)

  • Business Portals—WebSphere Portal

  • Dassault Systèmes PLM Solutions—CATIA

    IBM site

  • Dassault Systèmes PLM Solutions—ENOVIA Products

    IBM site

  • "Developing Grid computing applications, Part 1—Introduction of a Grid architecture and toolkit for building Grid solutions"

  • e-business Advisor on demand Offerings

  • e-business on demand—A developer's roadmap

  • "From Data Management to Information Integration: A Natural Evolution" (IBM developerWorks)

  • Galaxia ePCM

  • "How Tivoli software products support the IBM Autonomic Computing Initiative"

  • "How to decide if portlets are your best option" (IBM developerWorks)

  • "IBM Federated Database Technology" (IBM developerWorks)

  • IBM Global Services Business Consulting Services

  • IBM Grid Toolbox

  • IBM Patterns for e-business (IBM developerWorks)

  • IBM Patterns for e-business—Business patterns for Simple Implementations

  • IBM Patterns for e-business—Review Runtime patterns

  • IBM Software Support

  • "Installing and configuring the IBM Grid Toolbox" (tutorial)

  • "LDD Today—A Preview of Lotus Discovery Server 2.0" (IBM developerWorks)

  • Portlet Development Guide—Second Edition

  • Rational Software

  • Resource center—e-business on demand (IBM developerWorks)

  • "Understanding the foundation of JSR-109" (IBM developerWorks)

  • "Understanding Web Services" (IBM developerWorks)

  • WebSphere Application Server—The Big Picture (IBM developerWorks)

  • WebSphere High-Volume Web Site (IBM developerWorks)

  • "WebSphere Portal—Collaborative Components API"

  • "WebSphere Portal—Guidelines for developing portlets"

  • "WebSphere Portal—JSP tag reference"

  • "WebSphere Portal—Page sequences"

  • "WebSphere Portal—Portlet API"

  • "WebSphere Portal—Portlet security"

  • "WebSphere Portal—Struts Portlet Framework"

  • "WebSphere Portal—Writing portlets"

  • WebSphere Portal Catalog

  • WebSphere Portal Enable for Multiplatforms

  • WebSphere Portal Experience Solution

  • WebSphere Portal Express for Multiplatforms

  • WebSphere Portal Extend for Multiplatforms

  • WebSphere Portal InfoCenter

  • WebSphere Portal Server documentation—Portlet development

  • WebSphere Portal Toolkit

  • WebSphere Portal Zone (WebSphere Developer Domain)

  • "What you need to know now about autonomic computing, Part 1—An introduction and overview" (IBM developerWorks)

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