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IF( ) function
                IF( )
images [See pictures]
Import command (XML)
Import Data dialog box
Import External data submenu
importing data
        tables of
        text files
importing objects
INDEX( ) function
        combining with MATCH( ) function
INDIRECT( ) function
INFO ( ) function
        argument values for
information functions
Information Rights Management (IRM) program
initial caps, changing all caps to
ink annotations
Insert Calculated Field dialog box (pivot tables)
Insert Clip Art task
Insert Function button
Insert Function dialog box
Insert Hyperlink dialog box 2nd
Insert menu
        Cells command
        Chart command
        Columns command
        Diagram command
        Function command
        Hyperlink command
        Name command
        Object command
        Page Break command
        Picture command
        Rows command
        Symbol command
        Worksheet command
Insert Picture dialog box
Insert Rows command
InsertHeader macro
INT( ) function
interest rates
        monthly versus annual
internal rate of return
intersection operator
INTRATE( ) function
investments, calculating
invoicing , dynamic
IPMT( ) function
IRR( ) function
IS functions
ISBLANK( ) function
ISERR( ) function
ISERROR( ) function
ISEVEN( ) function
ISLOGICAL( ) function
ISNA( ) function
ISNONTEXT( ) function
ISNUMBER( ) function
ISODD( ) function
ISREF( ) function
ISTEXT( ) function

Excel. The Missing Manual
Excel 2010: The Missing Manual
ISBN: 1449382355
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 185

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