The following people contributed their time, writing, hacks, and knowledge toward the writing of this book:

  • By day, Phil Bogle is cofounder and chief technology officer of Jobster (, a web service that helps companies target and connect with passive jobseekers, while enabling the best candidates to stand out from the pack and get noticed. By night, Phil is a gentleman coder and author of several free BlackBerry applications, including Berry 411 local search. He has a weblog at

  • Paul Dumais is currently vice president of product development at Idokorro Mobile, the leader in mobile network administration software. Paul is the creative and technical force behind Idokorro's products, Mobile Admin and Mobile SSH. Prior to Idokorro, Paul created a world-class bug tracking software that was acquired by MKS Inc and branded Change Integrity. Paul has also held positions as a Java developer at Sun and Corel.

  • Jeff Greenhut is founder and president of somedevelopers inc. (, a provider of mobile applications for the BlackBerry. After graduating from the State University of New York at Binghamton with a National Merit Scholarship, Jeff has built flight simulators, storage solutions, and accounting software. When not working with computers, Jeff can typically be found working with computers, playing ice hockey, or floating on the lake with BlackBerry in hand. Jeff is married, has two young girls, and lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

  • Brian Jepson is an O'Reilly editor, programmer, and coauthor of Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks and Linux Unwired. He's also a volunteer systems administrator and all-around geek for AS220 (, a nonprofit arts center in Providence, Rhode Island. AS220 gives Rhode Island artists uncensored and unjuried forums for their work. These forums include galleries, performance space, and publications. Brian sees to it that technology, especially free software, supports that mission.

  • Shari Kornberg is a software engineer at AT&T, responsible for engineering and support of the Exchange email (50,000 users) and Black-Berry platforms. She designed, architected, and implemented AT&T's BlackBerry infrastructure. Shari was also the technical lead for the recent migration effort to Exchange 2003. Shari began her IT career at AT&T over 25 years ago and has a BA in computer science from Queens College, City University of New York. In her spare time, she enjoys music, theater, travel, and spending time with her three sons, Jeffrey, Alex, and David. You can reach her at

  • Jason Lam is a wireless and open source developer enthusiast who enjoys creating synergy and sharing knowledge in the software development world. As senior wireless developer at QuoteMedia Inc ( he leads the development of Quotestream Wireless, a financial wireless streaming application. In his spare time, he contributes to open source projects and online tutorials/articles. One of his significant contributions is his open source book J2ME & Gaming, ( To learn more about him, visit his personal site at

  • R. Emory Lundberg lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with his wife, Elizabeth, and a chubby calico cat named Echo(1). By day, he applies ninja tactics to errant packets for VeriSign's excellent Managed Security Services team, and by night, he writes about mobile technology and tinkers with gadgets. He will one day be survived by his motor scooters and an exquisite collection of mobile phones.

  • Mark Rejhon works at Idokorro Inc. ( and is a moderater of BlackBerry Forums at He has a personal web site at

BlackBerry Hacks
Blackberry Hacks: Tips & Tools for Your Mobile Office
ISBN: 0596101155
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Year: 2006
Pages: 164
Authors: Dave Mabe

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