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  1. To isolate a network problem, the engineer can divide the network into _______________.
  2. A TDR sends ____________ -like pulses along a cable looking for any kind of a break, short, or imperfection that might affect network performance.
  3. Protocol analyzers look inside the ______________ to determine the cause of a problem.
  4. Advanced cable testers will tell you if a particular cable or _______ is causing problems.
  5. One reason it is important to monitor network performance is to provide essential information for ____________________ detection.
  6. Windows NT Server Performance Monitor helps a network administrator view operations in both ___________ time and _________________ time.
  7. In an SNMP environment, programs called _____________ monitor network traffic.
  8. A ___________________ monitor is a tool that is used to track network performance.
  9. Windows NT Performance Monitor has the ability to send an ____________ to the network manager when there is a problem.
  10. Windows NT Server Network Monitor gives the administrator the ability to ______________ and _______________ network data streams to and from the server.
  11. The best source of information for Microsoft products is ___________________.
  12. Other useful sources of information for network troubleshooting include _________, ___________ _____________, and __________________.
  13. _________ is used to perform simple file transfers on the Internet.
  14. ______________ ___________ ________________ _________________ is an Internet standard protocol defined for distribution, inquiry, retrieval, and posting of news articles.
  15. You can use _______________ to act as a remote terminal to an Internet host.
  16. In addition to URLs, every computer on the Internet has a unique ______ address.


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