Chapter Review

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  1. Monitoring and documenting the network when it is in good working order provide a _______________ against which unusual network performance can be compared.
  2. A network ______________ is a tool that captures and filters data packets and analyzes network activity.
  3. __________ and _____________ are utilities that are used to test the network connections by sending a packet to a remote host and monitoring its return.
  4. During monitoring of network performance, ________________ can indicate areas of poor performance that can benefit from upgrading.
  5. Many network vendors provide a ___________ ______________ __________________ software to aid in the monitoring and improvement of network performance.
  6. After creating a baseline for a network's performance, you will need to maintain a performance _______________ to aid with future troubleshooting.
  7. To improve the performance of a network, an administrator can upgrade _______________, ___________________, __________ and ___________.
  8. When working on electronic components, be careful to prevent ___________ ________________ _____________ that will do damage to the components.
  9. Installing a new NIC is the same as installing any _________________ card.
  10. Upgrading routers, brouters, repeaters, and bridges is best carried out by a _______________ ____________________.
  11. The final step in any network upgrade is to ______________ the upgrade.
  12. The best tool to use to confirm hardware changes to a network is the _________ utility.
  13. How long the network can afford to be ___________ is an important factor in organizing and timing a move.


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