Introducing Controllers

Now that you've looked closely at a track of music in Reason, let's go deeper and get a glimpse into one of Reason's most powerful features: control over instruments.

You can actually record nearly any movement of any knob, lever, or button on a Rack device. The movements are stored in the instrument's Sequencer track and then get sent to the Rack during playback. If you want to see what controller information looks like in a track, you must first tell Reason to display it.

To view Controller lanes


Make sure your Sequencer is in Edit mode.


Click the Show Controller Lane button at the top of the Sequencer window (Figure 3.24).

Figure 3.24. Click the Show Controller Lane button.

This adds the Controller lane to the bottom of the Sequencer and activates the three controller buttons at the top of the window (Figure 3.25). (For details on Controller lane editing, see "Controller Automation" in Chapter 6.)

Figure 3.25. The Controller lane

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