The BV512 Vocoder

As we shall see, the BV512 Digital Vocoder is a great voice synthesizer. But first and foremost it is an equalizer (and a very fancy one, at that).

To set up a BV512 as a graphic EQ


Insert an EQ by selecting an instrument or effect and choosing Create > BV512 Digital Vocoder (Figure 8.94).

Figure 8.94. The BV512 Vocoder (shown here front and back) is both a great voice synthesizer and a great graphic equalizer.


Check the back panel to make sure that the input signal you want to equalize is going to the left/right carrier inputs and that the left/right outputs are going to your Mixer (Figure 8.95).

Figure 8.95. Insert a BV512 to use as a graphic equalizer.


Set the Vocoder/Equalizer knob to Equalizer.


Use the Band Count knob to choose whether you want 4, 8, 16, or 32 equalization bands (Figure 8.96).

Figure 8.96. You can select 4, 8, 16, or 32 bands in Equalizer mode.

The FFT (512), or 512-band mode, does not work in EQ mode.


Play your track and drag the yellow faders in the Frequency Band Level Adjust section to shape the tone (Figure 8.97).

Figure 8.97. Click at a point above a fader or drag the fader handle up and down to adjust EQ on that band.


Use the Shift knob to shift the EQ settings up or down the frequency spectrum (Figure 8.98).

Figure 8.98. The Shift knob functions like a focus knob in Equalizer mode.

This is a fast way to check (or find better) settings.

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