seqretsplit reads and writes (returns) sequences in individual files. seqretsplit is exactly the same as seqret, except it writes each sequence to an individual file that when writing out more than one sequence. Therefore, its main use is to split a file containing multiple sequences into many files, each containing one sequence.

Here is a sample session with seqretsplit:

% seqretsplit Reads and writes (returns) sequences in individual files Input sequence(s): embl:hsfa11* Output sequence [hsfa110.fasta]:

The specification of the output file is not used in this case. At some point this ought to change, and you will not be prompted for the output file.

Mandatory qualifiers:

[-sequence] (seqall)

Sequence database USA.

[-outseq] (seqoutall)

Output sequence(s) USA.

Advanced qualifiers:

-firstonly (boolean)

Read one sequence and stop.

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