embossdata is a utility that indicates what directories can hold EMBOSS data files and displays the names of these files.

Display the directories searched for EMBOSS data files:

% embossdata

Display the names of data file in all of the possible data directories:

% embossdata -showall

Display the directories which contain a particular EMBOSS data file:

% embossdata -filename EPAM60

Make a copy of an EMBOSS data file in the current directory:

% embossdata -fetch -filename Epepcoil.dat

Mandatory qualifiers (bold if not always prompted):

-filename (string)

This specifies the name of the file to fetch into the current directory or search for in all EMBOSS-searchable directories. The name of the file is not altered when it is fetched.

Optional qualifiers (bold if not always prompted):

-showall (boolean)

Show all potential EMBOSS data files.

-fetch (boolean)

Fetch a data file.

-outf (outfile)

This specifies the filename that results of a file search are written to. By default, these results are written to the screen (stdout).

Advanced qualifiers:

-reject (selection)

This specifies subdirectories of the EMBOSS data directory to ignore when displaying data directories.

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