Appendix A. Sources for Further Information

Haven't had enough yet? In this appendix, you'll find the URLs for all kinds of information about the World Wide Web, HTML, and developing websites. With this information, you should be able to find just about anything you need on the Web.


Some of the URLs in this appendix refer to FTP sites. They might be very busy during business hours, and you might not be able to access the files immediately. Try again during non-prime hours.

Also, for mysterious reasons, some of these sites might be accessible through an FTP program but not through web browsers. If you're consistently refused by these sites using a browser, try an FTP program instead.

These sites are divided into the following categories and are listed in alphabetical order under each category:

  • Access counters

  • Browsers

  • Collections of HTML and web development information

  • Forms and imagemaps

  • HTML editors and converters

  • HTML validators, link checkers, and simple spiders

  • Java, JavaScript, and embedded objects

  • Log file parsers

  • HTML style guides

  • Servers and server administration

  • Sound and video

  • Specifications for HTML, HTTP, and URLs

  • Server-side scripting

  • Web publishing tools

  • Other web-related topics

  • Tools and information for images

  • Web hosting providers

  • Web indexes and search engines

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