3.7 Summary

The Struts framework provides an implementation for the MVC structure, tailored for a web application. The Struts ActionServlet, RequestProcessor, and Action classes provide the controller components; the Action communicates with your application's model components; and the combination of the ActionForm, DTOs, JSP pages, and tag libraries make up the view.

This chapter focused on Struts at a high level and left out many of the details that make the framework even better. Struts, like other valuable software frameworks, allows you to focus on developing the business logic, instead of spending expensive development time on low-level infrastructure functionality such as request dispatching and field-level validation. Hopefully, this peripheral discussion has enticed you to read on and explore the framework details in the rest of the book.

Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
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Year: 2003
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