Tending the Fire--The Fire of Passion: What do I Care About?

Fireside Chat—What do I Care About?

This fireside chat encourages dialogue around how to renew our calling and reignite our passions by making connections with our youth. Ideally, this fireside chat would include a new elder and one or more younger people. If that's not possible, though, it can still be valuable and successful as a conversation between people of similar ages.

As always, the success of this fireside chat can be enhanced by creating an environment that draws upon the ancient power of the fire. If you can manage to set this up outside, around an actual fire, so much the better. If not, we really do encourage you to speak by candlelight if possible.

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The Firestarter Question

What is the gift, lesson, or legacy you most want to pass on to those who follow you? Why?

Encourage all your fireside partners to contribute to the discussion. Speak your minds. Speak from the heart. Keep the fire of dialogue alive!

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