Supporting Activities


Though typically led by others, there is a host of other activities in which the product manager should be involved in order to create an effective whole product solution. These include the following.

Branding and Product Labeling

Although this activity is typically owned by corporate marketing, the product manager plays a key role in defining and contributing to the outcome. Specifically, product management will typically be involved in naming the product and product features and then ensuring that they are applied routinely throughout the documentation and on the startup screens, menus , and other user interface items in the application.

End User Training Materials

Most software applications embody a new method of some kind. Whether it is a process for translating product data to other languages, a new method for doing object-oriented design, or a way to run your manufacturing plant with less inventory, chances are that your software will require user training in both product usage and application method. Competent users are a prerequisite for product success, so the product manager will typically play an advisory role in the development of training and may also be engaged in providing or finding the requisite subject matter expertise.

Product Demo

Nothing kills a prospect's excitement faster than a weakly organized and poorly delivered product demo. A typical engineering walkthrough of product features may well bore your customers to tears. Worse, they may become lost and confused as the demo-jockey jumps from point to point, and perhaps they will even be intimidated by your "easy-to-use" software. If a product demo is done well, however, then there is no better opportunity to show prospects how they can do their jobs better with your product and to deliver or reinforce your key positioning and messages . To ensure that the demo effectively positions the solution properly to prospective customers, the product manager must take the reins and provide a specific demo script and supporting data, as well as interfaces and data sets.

Sales and Marketing Collateral

Although sales and marketing collateral are typically owned by product marketing, who other than the product manager could possibly ensure that the features and benefits of the new product are properly articulated ? Also, as a representative for some of the more technical team members , product managers may be directly involved in the development and delivery of sales training materials.


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