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!-- (exclamation point and dashes) 2nd
# (sharp)
     for id selector
& (ampersand)
     and XHTML
  (non-breaking space) 2nd 3rd
     and empty cells in tables
* (asterisk)
     comments in CSS
     for wild card selector
+ (plus), for adjacent sibling selectors
, (comma), for grouping selectors
-- (dashes), in comments 2nd
. (period), for class selector
/ (forward slash)
     comments in CSS
     for (X)HTML
     HTML vs. XHTML
     in URL
3D positioning 2nd
< (less than symbol)
     (X)HTML elements
     character reference for
> (greater than symbol)
     (X)HTML elements
     character reference for
     for child selector
@charset rules
@import rules
     and image replacement
     for handhelds
     for print
     media specific
@media rules 2nd
[ ] (brackets), for selecting based on attributes
\ (backslash)
     for escaping characters in style sheets
     in JavaScript
| (pipe symbol), in selectors

HTML, XHTML, & CSS(c) Visual QuickStart Guide
HTML, XHTML, and CSS, Sixth Edition
ISBN: 0321430840
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Year: 2004
Pages: 340

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