Data Management Tools

IBM has made a commitment to delivering a quality set of data management tools designed to perform at the level today's systems require. In many cases, third-party tools that perform similar functions are available also.

The tools are divided into six categories: database administration, performance management, recovery management, replication management, application management, and database utilities. The following tools are available for use with DB2 UDB for z/OS.

  • DB2 Administration Tool provides a comprehensive set of functions to efficiently and effectively manage DB2 environments.

  • DB2 Object Comparison Tool maximizes system availability by keeping production and test catalogs in sync.

  • DB2 Performance Monitor helps you get optimum performance from your database management system and provides useful support for resolving critical performance issues.

  • DB2 Buffer Pool Analyzer helps database administrators manage buffer pools more efficiently by providing information about the buffer pools and the behavior of the objects in them.

  • DB2 Performance Expert gives a comprehensive view that consolidates data, reports, analyzes, and recommends changes on DB2 performance-related information.

  • DB2 Query Monitor provides the ability to monitor queries and to quickly pinpoint and resolve problems without going through large amounts of output.

  • DB2 SQL Performance Analyzer gives you the ability to estimate the costs of database queries prior to execution.

  • DB2 Recovery Expert significantly speeds up and simplifies the access to and recovery of databases throughout an enterprise.

  • DB2 Archive Log Accelerator reduces overhead associated with database log management and managing increases in archive log growth.

  • DB2 Change Accumulation Tool provides the ability to quickly restore database objects by setting the scope and specificity of image copy creation.

  • DB2 Log Analysis Tool allows the monitoring of database changes and the ability to audit table activity and to produce specific reports of activity.

  • DB2 Object Restore allows for the restoration of dropped objects and all related dependencies automatically.

  • DB2 DataPropagator provides replication capabilities for DB2 databases and is integrated in DB2 on the UNIX and Intel platforms.

  • DB2 RepliData provides the ability to operate multisite replica databases.

  • DB2 Information Integrator Classic Federation provides Web and distributed applications with read/write connectivity to mainframe databases.

  • DB2 Bind Manager helps reduce the time and cost of connecting new application programs to a database.

  • DB2 Data Archive Expert enables the archiving of seldom-used data to a less costly storage medium without any programming.

  • DB2 Path Checker identifies the potential effects of performing a bind on one or many programs.

  • DB2 Table Editor is a multiplatform tool that provides a variety of ways for users to quickly and easily update, create, and delete data across multiple DB2 database platforms.

  • DB2 Test Database Generator rapidly populates application and testing environments by creating test data from scratch or existing data sources.

  • DB2 Web Query Tool lets end users access, create, share, and execute SQL queries through their browsers against multiple IBM DB2 databases.

  • IBM Data Encryption for IMS and DB2 Databases enables the protection of sensitive and private data at the DB2 table level.

  • DB2 Utilities Suite V8 provides DB2 operational utilities and DB2 diagnostic and recovery utilities, such as COPY, LOAD, UNLOAD, REORG, RECOVER, RUNSTATS, REBUILD INDEX, MERGECOPY, CHECK DATA, CHECK INDEX, MODIFY, and others.

  • DB2 High Performance Unload offers sequential reading and the capability to access your DB2 data at top speed.

  • DB2 Automation Tool continuously and automatically coordinates the execution of DB2 tools, enabling you to realize the full potential of your DB2 system.

Several of the preceding tools are also available for distributed versions of DB2.

  • DB2 Recovery Expert provides simplified, comprehensive, and automated recovery to minimize outage duration.

  • DB2 Performance Expert integrates performance monitoring, reporting, buffer pool analysis, and a performance warehouse function into one tool. A single system overview is provided that monitors all subsystems and instances across many different platforms in a consistent way.

  • DB2 High Performance Unload quickly and efficiently unloads and extracts data from DB2 for movement across enterprise systems.

  • DB2 Web Query Tool connects all your users directly to multiple enterprise databases, securely and simultaneously, regardless of database size, hardware, operating system, or location.

  • DB2 Table Editor quickly and easily accesses, updates, and deletes data across multiple DB2 database platforms.

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