DB2 Development Center

The DB2 Development Center (DB2 DC) is the successor to the DB2 version 7 Stored Procedure Builder (DB2 SPB). This tool builds on the DB2 Stored Procedure Builder, with many new features and functions.

DB2 DC provides a rapid iterative development environment for building stored procedures, user-defined functions, structured data types, and much more. Developers can build DB2 business logic anywhere, and all DB2 platforms are supported. Support is provided for developing SQL and Java stored procedures, SQL scalar and table user-defined functions, MQSeries, OLE DB, and XML table functions, and structured data types for Enterprise JavaBeans methods and properties.

The tool lets you view live database tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, and UDFs. A quick-start launch pad guides new users through the initial set of development tasks. Some features for enhanced z/OS support are specialized SQL IDspackage owner, build owner, and secondary SQL IDand advanced build options

DB2 DC provides an excellent facility for testing and debugging stored procedures and UDFs written in any language. Using the Development Center, you can

  • Create new stored procedures

  • Build stored procedures on local and remote DB2 servers

  • Modify and rebuild existing stored procedures

  • Run stored procedures to test the execution of installed stored procedures

DB2 for z. OS Version 8 DBA Certification Guide
DB2 for z/OS Version 8 DBA Certification Guide
ISBN: 0131491202
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 175
Authors: Susan Lawson

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