Chapter11.Binding an Application Program

Chapter 11. Binding an Application Program

  • Precompiling

  • Binding

  • Plan or package ownership

DB2 application programs often include embedded SQL statements. In order to compile these programs, the SQL statements must be converted into a language recognized by the compiler or the assembler. The DB2 precompiler or a host-language compiler needs to be used to

  • Replace the SQL statements in the source programs with compilable code

  • Create a database request module (DBRM), which communicates the SQL requests to DB2 during the bind process

After the source program has been precompiled, a load module is created and, possibly, one or more packages and an application plan created. Creating a load module involves compiling and link-editing the modified source code that is produced by the precompiler. Creating a package or an application plan, a process unique to DB2, involves binding one or more DBRMs. See Figure 11-1.

Figure 11-1. Program preparation

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