• Focus affects loyalty in three ways: How you think about yourself and your business, how you think about your customers, and how your customers think about you.

  • Your subconscious mind is irrational and records everything without judging the information. It works by association of ideas and uses every bit of knowledge that we have gathered in our lifetime to bring about its purpose.

  • The conscious mind is rational; it compares information and makes decisions. The conscious mind can only deal with one thought at a time; however, these single thoughts are being processed at the speed of light.

  • Our thoughts become objectified in our lives. What we think about is what we see. Ultimately, what we see becomes our reality. What we truly believe becomes a selffulfilling prophecy.

  • When you make the principles that create loyalty a part of your deepest thoughts, you are instructing your subconscious mind to use its infinite powers to serve your purpose.

  • Developing your ability to focus on relationships instead of just making a sale is critical in creating customer loyalty.

In this chapter we discussed focus. Focus is all about turning your efforts toward building relationships rather than hunting for a sale. Take this test to see how well you use this principle.

Where Is Your Focus?

  1. Do you spend more time and money prospecting for new customers or focusing on your current customers? Can you quantify your efforts?

  2. Do you offer new customers special pricing or terms that are not available to loyal customers?

  3. Do you have a clear vision of who your loyal internal and external customers are? Do you reward or recognize these customers? How do you reward and recognize these customers?

  4. Would you cancel or delay a meeting with a current customer in order to meet with a prospect? Why?

  5. Are you compensated and rewarded more for dealing with new customers or current customers?

  6. Do you have a clear vision of your future and the future of your business? What is this vision?

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