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fastest-cvsup command 
FAT12 filesystem 
fdformat command 
fdisk command 
fetch utility  2nd 
File Daemon (Bacula) 
file integrity checking using mtree 
file servers, optimizing 
file utility 
    appending changes to 
    attributes of, preserving when copying 
    deleted, sending to trash directory 
    hierarchies, copying 
    last modification dates of 
    portable, creating 
    protecting with flags 
    renaming interactively 
    with specific extensions, deleting 
    disk hogs, dealing with 
    DOS floppies  [See floppies]
    ghosting systems 
    recreating directory structures with mtree 
    sharing files between Windows and FreeBSD 
    swap files and 
    temporary files, adding 
    using live filesystems 
filters, display and tcpdump 
find command  2nd 
    program paths 
Fink project  2nd 
    automatically generating rules 
    IP Filter, limiting access with 
    ipfw command  2nd 
    securing wireless networks with PF 
    zone transfers, controlling 
Firewire support in kernel configuration files 
fixit floppies 
    repairing with 
flags field of TCP headers 
flags, protecting files with 
Flickenger, Rob 
    ghosting systems 
        by regular users 
    preparing for emergencies 
flushing mail queues 
forcing users to change passwords 
formatting floppies 
    automating the process 
formatting sequences for prompts 
fortune program  2nd 
    backing up with SMBFS 
    default shell for 
    online/offline resources for 
    running native Java applications on 
    sharing files between Windows and 
    spoofing with 
FreeBSD From Scratch hack 
freshclam command 
fsck_ffs command 
fstab command 
ftp command
    automating logins 
    automating transfers 
    keeping ports up-to-date with CTM 
    ncftp tool and 
    scripting entire sessions 


BSD Hacks
BSD Hacks
ISBN: 0596006799
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 160
Authors: Lavigne

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