How This Book Is Organized

To master BSD, you'll have to understand several topics. We've arranged the hacks loosely into chapters. They are:

Chapter 1Customizing the User Environment

Though modern BSDs have myriad graphical applications and utilities, the combined wisdom of 35 years of command-line programs is just a shell away. This chapter demonstrates how to make the most of the command line, customizing it to your needs and preferences.

Chapter 2Dealing with Files and Filesystems

What good is knowing Unix commands if you have no files? You have to slice, dice, and store data somewhere. This chapter explains techniques for finding and processing information, whether it's on your machine or on a server elsewhere.

Chapter 3The Boot and Login Environments

The best-laid security plans of administrators often go out the window when users enter the picture. Keeping the bad guys off of sensitive machines requires a two-pronged approach: protecting normal user accounts through good password policies and protecting the boxes physically. This chapter explores several options for customizing and securing the boot and login processes.

Chapter 4Backing Up

After you start creating files, you're bound to run across data you can't afford to lose. That's where backups come in. This chapter offers several ideas for various methods of ensuring that your precious data will persist in the face of tragedy.

Chapter 5Networking Hacks

Unless you're a die-hard individualist, you're likely connected to a network. That fact presents several new opportunities for clever hacks as well as mystifying failures. This chapter illuminates ways to take advantage of your network connection.

Chapter 6Securing the System

Security is as much a mindset as it is a process. Knowing the tools at your disposal will help. This chapter delves into multiple tools and ideas for increasing the security of your systems, whether keeping out the bad guys or staying on top of updates.

Chapter 7Going Beyond the Basics

With years and years of refinement, the BSDs provide powerful and maintainable environments. Are you taking full advantage of everything your system has to offer? This chapter pushes the envelope of what you can accomplish.

Chapter 8Keeping Up-to-Date

No bragging about BSD is complete without mentioning the ports or packages system that keeps thousands of applications right at your fingertips. Keeping up-to-date could never be easier, could it? This chapter tackles the subject of installing and updating software, including the core system.

Chapter 9Grokking BSD

You cannot be a true BSD master until you grok the Unix mindset. How did the gurus become gurus? Is the true path still open? This chapter reveals some secrets of the masters and has a little fun along the way.

BSD Hacks
BSD Hacks
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