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TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) 
    virtual circuits 
TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)  2nd 
    nslookup and 
temporary root servers 
    domain setups 
text labels 
TeXT records  [See TXT records]
TextRepresentation method 
time to live  [See TTL]
    nslookup  2nd 
TIS Firewall Toolkit 
TLDs (top-level domains) 
    generic (gTLDs) 
    list of 
    naming subdomains as 
    registries and 
    root name servers 
    DNS console 
    DNSLint  2nd 
    Firewall Toolkit 
top-level domains  [See TLDs]
tracert utility 
tracing queries and responses 
traffic  2nd  3rd 
    dial-on-demand and 
    root name servers 
trailing dot (.) 
    in domain names 
transaction signatures (TSIGs) 
    incremental zone 
transitions, subdomains 
    configuring  2nd 
    subnet prioritization 
    Windows 95 
    Windows 98 
    Windows NT 4.0 
Transmission Control Protocol  [See TCP]
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol  [See TCP/IP]
    domain namespaces 
    command-line tools 
    configuration check script 
    delegation, checking 
    dial-up connections 
    Event Viewer 
    host configuration errors 
    inconsistent responses 
    manual changes 
    Microsoft support 
    name servers 
    nslookup  2nd 
    preventive measures 
    PTR records 
    serial numbers 
    servers  2nd 
        checking caches 
    stub zones 
    unauthorized zone transfers 
    WINS reverse lookup and 
    zones  2nd 
truncated packets 
TSIGs (transaction signatures)  2nd 
TTL (time to live) 
    master file formats 
TXT (TeXT) records  2nd 
    of addresses 
    of name servers 
    of resource records 

DNS on Windows Server 2003
DNS on Windows Server 2003
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