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scalability, forwarding and 
    configuration check 
search option (nslookup) 
searching  [See also finding]
    CNAME records 
    DNS suffixes 
    domain controllers 
    IP addresses 
    resource records 
    root hints 
    RP records 
    SRV records 
    turning off 
    whois services 
second-level domains 
secondary name servers  2nd 
    adding  2nd 
    expired zones 
    loading from other secondaries 
    NOTIFY protocol 
    partial-secondary servers 
    zone transfers and 
security  2nd 
    dynamic updates  2nd 
    firewalls  2nd 
    forwarding servers 
    load sharing 
    multiple name servers 
    root name servers 
    split namespaces 
    transaction signatures 
    of children 
    of domain names 
    of name servers  2nd 
    of registrars 
sendmail program 
serial numbers
    nslookup and 
server command (nslookup) 
Server Properties window (Microsoft DNS Server) 
ServerName parameter 
    batch scripts 
    cache.dns file 
    DNS console 
    Event Viewer 
    installing  2nd 
    load sharing 
    managing  2nd 
    Microsoft DNS Server 
    Microsoft Exchange Server 
        capacity of 
        listing properties 
        losing manual changes 
        types of 
        viewing statistics 
    NOTIFY protocol 
    primary master name 
    restarting  2nd  3rd  4th 
    secondary name 
    security  2nd 
    troubleshooting  2nd 
        checking caches 
        adding resource records 
        formatting loopback addresses 
        formatting zone datafiles 
        searching root hints 
        storing resource records 
        viewing zone datafiles 
SERVFAIL errors 
service location broker 
service location records  [See SRV records]
    batch scripts 
set all command (nslookup) 
set command (nslookup) 
shadow namespaces 
sibling nodes 
signals to primary name server, troubleshooting 
simple dial-up connections 
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) 
sites, Active Directory 
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) 
SOA (start of authority)  2nd  3rd 
    records  2nd  3rd 
    serial numbers 
    multiple name servers 
    name servers 
split namespaces 
srchlist option (nslookup) 
SRV (service location) records  2nd 
stale records, troubleshooting 
start of authority  [See SOA]
starting/stopping DNS server 
    from DOS command line  2nd 
StartService method 
state-level domains 
statistics, name servers 
StopService method 
storage, Active Directory zones  2nd 
stub resolvers 
stub zones
subdomains  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  [See also domains]6th 
    delegation  2nd  3rd  4th 
    determining domains 
    life cycles 
        naming children 
    remote management 
    SOA records 
subnetting networks
    Class A and B 
    Class C 
    on/off octet boundaries 
support, Microsoft web site 

DNS on Windows Server 2003
DNS on Windows Server 2003
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