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ignoretc option (nslookup) domain  2nd  3rd 
    internal roots and 
    misconfigured servers 
    secondary zone creation and 
incremental zone transfers  [See IXFR]
incrementing serial numbers 
indexes, subdomains as 
installing Microsoft DNS Servers  2nd 
    batch scripts 
int domain 
integrating Active Directory 
Interfaces tab, Server Properties window (DNS console) 
interior nodes, CNAME records 
internal name servers, configuring 
internal root name servers 
    internal name servers and 
    list of 
    dial-up connections 
    domain namespaces 
    firewalls  2nd 
    overview of 
    split namespaces 
Internet Protocol (IP), finding addresses  [See IP]
Internet service providers (ISPs) 
Internet Software Consortium 
    classes of 
    overview of 
interoperability, troubleshooting 
inverse queries 
IP (Internet Protocol) 
    finding addresses namespace 
IPv6 addresses, mapping for 
ISPs (Internet service providers) 
iterative (nonrecursive) queries 
IXFR (incremental zone transfer) 
    nslookup and 

DNS on Windows Server 2003
DNS on Windows Server 2003
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