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cache.dns file  2nd 
caching  2nd  3rd 
    caching-only name servers  2nd 
    forwarding servers 
    negative caching 
    root name servers 
canonical domain names 
capacity planning 
case sensitivity 
Chaosnet class 
Check Point  2nd 
    selecting number of 
CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing)  2nd 
CIM (Common Information Model) 
Class A networks, subnetting 
Class B networks, subnetting 
Class C networks, subnetting 
CLASS mnemonics 
    class option, nslookup 
    resource records  2nd 
Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) 
    domain controllers 
    name servers 
        configuring  2nd 
        subnet prioritization 
        Windows 2000 
        Windows 95 
        Windows 98 
        Windows NT 4.0 
        Windows XP 
    service location broker 
closest known name servers 
CNAME records  2nd 
    name servers and 
    transition to subdomains 
com domain 
Command parameter 
command-line tools 
Common Information Model (CIM) 
computer names, modifying 
conditional formatting, forwarding name servers 
    Active Directory
    application partition 
    batch script, example 
    check script, example 
    dial-up connections 
    DNS console
        adding resource records 
        adding servers 
        adding zones 
        creating zones 
        formatting loopback addresses 
        formatting zone datafiles 
        mapping zones 
        searching root hints 
        starting primary master name servers 
        starting secondary name servers 
        storing resource records 
        viewing zone datafiles 
    internal name servers 
    large sitewide caches 
    master file formats 
    name servers 
    resolvers  2nd  3rd 
        subnet prioritization 
        Windows 2000 
        Windows 95 
        Windows 98 
        Windows NT 4.0 
        Windows Server 2003 
        Windows XP 
    resource records  2nd 
    security  2nd 
        delegating domains 
        life cycles 
        naming children 
    TTL  2nd 
    TXT records 
    WINS lookup 
    WINS reverse lookup 
    zones  2nd 
Configure Your Server Wizard 
    master name servers 
    multiple name servers 
    in domain names 
controls, zone datafiles 
converting BIND to Microsoft DNS servers 
copying files 
cost of registering domains 
creating subdomains 

DNS on Windows Server 2003
DNS on Windows Server 2003
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