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test ftp'd blog p. 97

  • When you change from publishing your blog on Blogger's BlogSpot server to publishing it on your own Web host, your blog's BlogSpot URL becomes available to other users. The blog itself, however, currently remains online until it is overwritten by the next blog published at that URL.

post to ftp'd blog p. 98

  • When you choose Save as Draft, you don't have to enter your user name and password.

  • When Blogger asks you to sign in to your FTP server, be sure you use your FTP server's account info, not the user name and password from your Blogger account.

  • If you enter the incorrect password or user name, Blogger will give you an error, but not the opportunity to change it. You'll have to save your post as a draft, sign out of your Blogger account, sign back into your Blogger account, and then publish your saved draft.

add photos to ftp'd blog p. 99

  • If your blog is hosted by BlogSpot and not by your own Web host, the Upload Image/File button simply gives you information about how to upload images; it does not help you do it.

  • You can resize photos in Blogger by clicking the image and dragging the handles on the edge of the photo. For more details, see page 26.

  • You can use the Upload File/Image button to upload any file to your FTP server, whether or not it has to do with your blog. Be careful not to overwrite any existing files; Blogger (like other FTP programs) will not warn you.

remove navbar p. 102

  • When you're signed into Blogger, the buttons that lead to Blogger's home page on the navbar are handy for jumping straight to the Dashboard.

  • You can't remove the navbar unless you host your blog on your own server. Displaying the navbar is your way of compensating Blogger for hosting your blog (by sending new bloggers their way).

  • You can also change the color of the navbar (the colors appear under Off in the Change the Blogger NavBar menu).

Publishing a Blog with Blogger
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