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databases, sizing 
Default Domain Controller Security Policy Snap-in (dcpol.msc) 
Default Domain Security Policy Snap-in (dompol.msc) 
Default Group Policy Restore Command (dcgpofix.exe) 
default TTL settings, modifying 
defining variables 
    reclaiming whitespace 
    repairing manually 
    application partitions 
    control of group membership 
Delegation of Control Wizard
deleted objects
    overview of 
    application partitions 
    domain controllers 
    resource records 
    site objects 
demoting domain controllers 
deregistering resource records 
DHCP (Dynamic Handshake Challenge Protocol) 
diagnostics logging, enabling 
Directory Information Tree  [See DIT]
Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) 
disabled users 
disabling  [See also enabling]
    domain controllers 
    global catalog  2nd  3rd 
    site object 
    user objects 
Distributed Link Tracking (DLT) 
DIT (Directory Information Tree)
DLT (Distributed Link Tracking) 
DNS (Domain Name Service) 
    global catalogs, searching 
DNS object
    caches, clearing 
    overview of 
    resource records
    servers, modifying 
    suffixes, allowing 
        creating forward lookup zones 
        creating reverse lookup zones 
DNS Snap-in (dnsmgmt.msc) 
DNSCmd Command (dnscmd.exe) 
documentation, extensions 
Domain Controller Diagnosis Command (dcdiag.exe) 
domain controllers
    authoritative restores 
    FSMO role holders 
    global catalog 
        disabling  2nd 
    logon attempts 
    media, promoting 
    memory, optimizing 
    moving  2nd 
    multiple sites, configuring to cover 
    nonauthoritative restores 
    overview of 
        disabling compression 
        enabling consistency 
        enabling logging 
        modifying intervals 
        searching conflict objects 
        searching unreplicated changes 
        viewing metadata 
    servers, promoting 
    services, searching 
        viewing status 
    upgrading  2nd 
Domain Name Service  [See DNS]
domainDNS objects 
domains  2nd  [See also forests]
    ADPrep tool 
        promoting domain controllers 
    computer objects, joining 
    forests, searching 
    functional levels 
    modes, modifying 
    NetBIOS, searching names 
    objects, moving 
    overview of 
    PDC Emulator, searching 
    SID, finding duplicates 
    tombstone objects, modifying 
    Windows NT, creating trusts 
DS ACL Command (dsacls.exe) 
DS Add Command (dsadd.exe) 
DS Get Command (dsget.exe) 
DS Modify Command (dsmodify.exe) 
DS Move Command (dsmove.exe) 
DS Query Command (dsquery.exe) 
DS Remove Command (dsrm.exe) 
DS Restore Mode 
DSML (Directory Services Markup Language) 
    finding SIDs 
dynamic objects
dynamically linking auxiliary classes 

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