DNS Snap-in (dnsmgmt.msc)

DNS Snap-in (dnsmgmt.msc)

Tasks that can be accomplished:

Browse and manipulate DNS server configuration; and browse, create, and modify zones and resource records. Enable debug logging, perform DNS test queries, restart the DNS service, modify permissions, and modify application partition configuration

Type of tool:

MMC snap-in

Where to find it:

adminpak.msi for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003

Recipes in which it is used:

Recipe 13.1, Recipe 13.2, Recipe 13.3, Recipe 13.4, Recipe 13.5, Recipe 13.6, Recipe 13.7, Recipe 13.9, Recipe 13.10, Recipe 13.11, Recipe 15.6

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Active Directory Cookbook, 3rd Edition
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