Recipe 6.19 Setting a User s Password via Kerberos

Recipe 6.19 Setting a User's Password via Kerberos

6.19.1 Problem

You want to change a password using Kerberos from a Unix machine.

6.19.2 Solution

If you have MIT Kerberos 5 client installed and configured properly, you can run the following commands, which will change your password in Active Directory:

$ kinit Password for jsmith@RALLENCORP.COM: **** $ kpasswd Password for jsmith@RALLENCORP.COM: **** Enter new password: ****** Enter it again: ****** Password changed.

6.19.3 Discussion

See Recipe 18.7 for more information on Kerberos.

6.19.4 See Also

MS KB 264480 (Description of Password-Change Protocols in Windows 2000), RFC 3244 (Microsoft Windows 2000 Kerberos Change Password and Set Password Protocols), and IETF draft-ietf-cat-kerb-chg-password-02.txt

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