Chapter 17: Another Point of ViewExcel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world.
—Ludwig Wittgenstein


As we have stressed throughout this book, and especially in the past two chapters, Business Intelligence (BI) is not useful unless it can be delivered to decision makers at the most opportune moment. Perhaps we should add that the business intelligence must be delivered in a format and an environment that decision makers are comfortable with. Business intelligence must be timely and accessible.

In the previous two chapters, we examined tools that enable us to create our own business intelligence delivery methods. We saw how this can be done by building our own reports and by building our own custom applications. In this chapter, we explore a solution that, while not nearly as custom, may be able to fulfill some of our user's needs just as well as the custom solutions.

In many cases, the most comfortable format is the tried-and-true paper report. For this reason, Reporting Services is going to be a big part of our solution for delivering business intelligence. Perhaps Reporting Services can even serve as a comfortable mechanism for transitioning decision makers from hard copy to the more efficient and more capable interactive onscreen reports.

Using ADOMD.NET, we can integrate business intelligence information from Analysis Services with our line-of-business applications. Combining business intelligence and line-of-business information not only leads to efficiency, but it also makes the business intelligence information much more likely to be used. Having business intelligence information readily available as decision makers go about their daily tasks is an excellent approach.

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