Name field, modifying in PlaceCards Report, 231

named permission sets, relationship

to code access security, 398–399

to .NET assemblies, 400

Names vs. Titles, 206

Nametags Report

creating, 223–227

moving, 408

uploading with Report Manager, 386

navigation, adding to Invoice Front End Report, 338–340

.NET assemblies

assigning Execute permissions to, 402–404

and code access security, 399

copying to Report Server, 398

and named permission sets, 400

and security classes, 400

uploading report projects with, 398–405

using with Weather Report, 321–322

network service account, significance of, 43

!NEW, appearance with folder names, 377

New Data Source page, displaying, 388

New Folder button, location of, 377

New Folder page, displaying in Report Manager, 408

New Project dialog box, displaying, 11, 118

New Role Assignment page, displaying, 419

normalization, relationship to databases, 76–78. See also denormalized data

NoRows property, using in Overtime Report, 283–284

Nothing permission, effect of, 400–401

NULL value, significance of, 102, 108–109

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Step by Step (Pro-Step by Step Developer)
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