Process Mixtures

Scrum + Evo

Some Evo practices are compatible with Scrum. Scrum does not discuss specific specification methods, and thus Evo's Planguage is applicable. Evo's measurement emphasis is compatible; indeed, Sutherland, one of the Scrum creators, takes a strong interest in measurement when applying Scrum.



Scrum's 30-day iteration length is not consistent with Evo too long.

Scrum + UP

The Scrum practices are either equal to or specializations of UP practices, or are consistent additions. If some workproducts are required on a Scrum project, using the UP versions is reasonable. The Product Backlog is an acceptable portion of the UP Project Plan, and the Sprint Backlog is an acceptable version of the UP Iteration Plan.


One area of different emphasis is the presence in the UP of optional but predefined activities; the UP describes a set of possible activities related to requirements analysis, testing, and so forth. And, the UP indicates some dependent ordering of these optional activities; for example, that a project vision is created before a detailed requirement is described. Scrum's rejection of defined process and predictable steps is inconsistent with this structure, if the UP activities are viewed as a required formula. But, if the activities are treated as optional advice, performable in any order, and without attempt to schedule their order and duration on a project, it is within Scrum.

See "UP as a Heavy, Defined Process versus an Agile UP Approach"

Scrum + XP

Most Scrum practices are compatible with XP or refinements, such as the Scrum Meeting. Indeed, Kent Beck borrowed the XP stand-up meeting idea from Scrum.


The Scrum practice of a demo to external stakeholders at the end of each iteration enhances XP's feedback and communication goals. The Scrum Backlog and progress tracking approaches are minor variations of XP practices, and so simple that they are well within the XP spirit of "do the simplest thing that could possibly work."

Scrum's 30-day timeboxed iteration length is not completely consistent with XP, which prefers shorter even one-week iterations.

Mike Beedle, one of the original Scrum contributors, has developed XBreed a combination of Scrum and XP practices applied (at least originally) to the creation of reusable components in the context of a concurrent multi-project development.


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