FactoryCreateRule, example of, 122

featured-NPOs list, creation of, 8

FeaturedNPODTO array, XML version of, 309-310

FeaturedNPOQueryService Web service

creating, 304-310

creating serialization classes for, 310

creating stateless EJB for, 304

deploying to production server, 313-314

functionality of, 301-302

generating client runtime and building test client for, 312-313

generating response with, 312-313

implementing with WebLogic Workshop, 303-314

setting up developmental environment for, 303-305

WSDL for, 356-358

federated network identity

explanation of, 59

objectives of, 73-74

overview of, 73-79

federation scenarios, overview of, 77-79

finder and select methods, using EJB QL with, 225-229

FinderException for entity beans, explanation of, 258

flow of events

for Cache Featured-NPO use case, 25

for Checkout use case, 18

for Create Campaign use case, 22-23

for Display Donation History use case, 18

for Display Featured-NPOs use case, 26

for Manage Donation Cart use case, 16-18

for Manage Donor Preferences use case, 19, 48

for Manage NPO Profile use case, 21

for Manage Portal Alliance Profile use case, 21

for Perform UI Customization use case, 21

for Provide Featured-NPO use case, 23

purpose of, 334

for Redirect to the Site use case, 26

for Register Donor use case, 18-19, 46-47

for Register NPO use case, 20-21

for Register Portal Alliance use case, 21

for Search and Donate use case, 45

for Search NPO use case, 19-20

for Update Campaigns use case, 23, 42

for Update Donation History use case, 18

foo method in WSDL file, purpose of, 285

form-based authentication, using, 155-156

form-bean life cycle, managing, 140

<form-bean> element in Struts, example of, 108-109

form-bean, setting properties in, 197

form data

capturing with ActionForm subclass, 138

capturing with Struts, 108-117

storing with ActionForms, 111-112

form submission, managing with Struts, 107-108

FormPropertyConfig objects

creating, 124-125

purpose of, 119

FormTags in Struts, initializing ActionForm objects with, 110-111

<forward> element in Struts, example of, 96-98

frameworks, role in J2EE architecture blueprints, 53-54

functionality, role in application architecture, 50

Practical J2ee Application Architecture
Practical J2EE Application Architecture
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Year: 2003
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